kelley schei

Hello, and How Are You?

It's been a while since I've sent an update from the studio. Last night was summer solstice, the longest day of the year, inspiring both energetic production and reflection on the natural midpoint of the year. Things are in full bloom after an especially long and rainy spring here, and I'm eager to share lots of good news.

Velvet Ropes - organized by Zero Zero gallery - Los Angeles

I've just returned from New York City for the opening of the Velvet Ropes show at Shrine Gallery on the LES. Velvet Ropes is a traveling group exhibition featuring 12 of my paintings along with work by an exciting roster of artists. It was curated by Charlie Roberts of Zero Zero Gallery in LA with the aim of introducing breakout artists via exciting venues in the US, Japan, and Europe.

Tonight, June 21, the show hits Martha's Contemporary in Austin, opening at 5 pm. Here is the rest of the tour schedule:

July 20th First Amendment in San Francisco, CA

July 21st Pt. 2 in Oakland, CA

Aug. 10-11th agnes b. galerie boutique Aoyama, Tokyo

Aug. 17&18 Galleri Golsa in Oslo, Norway

Aug. 31- Sept 2nd Soulland Store in Copenhagen, Denmark

Sept. 20-21st Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm, Sweden

Sept.28th The Carnegie in Cincinnati, OH

Oct. 11-12th Nevven Gallery in Goteberg, Sweden

Helikon Gallery - Mystico and tba

Velvet Ropes came on the heels of the close of Mystico, a group exhibition at Helikon Gallery in Denver focusing on themes of the occult and mysticism. It opened, fittingly, on 4/20, and was one of the most well-attended opening nights the venue has seen. I'd long admired Helikon's soaring gallery space and curatorial quality, so it was awesome to show my paintings there, and now it's time to tease that I'll be in a second show at Helikon coming up this December.

Brian Bourgault album art

It's been an honor and a new creative challenge to create album art for Brian Bourgault's remarkable second record Without You. Brian approached me in late December with the project, giving me his demos and the creative freedom to respond to them. I made an aesthetic connection with the bright, busyness of the music and the layers of emotion and mood that resulted in the visual corrollary you see below. Without You is available on itunes and spotify and features some of Denver's premiere musicians. You can read more about Brian here.

New Work

The projects above were collaborations to degrees, and I've been so lucky to have worked with such positive, inspiring people. I've been in a dead sprint for the first half of the year to make these things happen on time, and now I'm readjusting to creative openness and working at my own pace. Shifting from Chronos to Kairos, if you will. I have a backlog of ideas I can't wait to immerse myself in in the studio, so look out for new work, and for things to get weird.